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When you decide to buy a wig, you are basically embracing the perfect version of the hair you always wanted. So it is only fair and necessary to wash your wig and keep it clean and undamaged. It helps to keep your wig, aka your perfect hair in shape and last longer. Besides, a wig or natural hair, nobody wants it to smell badly.  It is essential to regularly wash your wigs because they are made of human hair, so you treat them as you treat your natural hair. Then again, you must maintain delicacy and treat that wig with love and care. You can wash your wig after you use it four or seven times. You see, we wash our natural hair at least once a week to prevent bad smells. The same goes for your wig too. Make a routine so it helps you not forget.

A large number of human hair wigs are lace frontals, 360 lace frontals, lace closure wigs and full lace wigs. Cheap hair products are bad news, especially for those wigs. Use a standard product and maintain it to avoid damaging your wig strands.


Don’t be careless or lazy . Always take off your wig while you shower or wash your wig to avoid any damage.

If you use a hair brush, then don’t. Use a wide tooth comb to groom your wig easily without tangling the strands.

If you own a long wig, then wash it under the tap or shower. Washing in congested areas like sinks causes tangles.

Always use cold water to wash your wig because hot water makes it rough and dry, causing damage to your tresses.

Flip the wig inside out after removing it. This allows you to wash the lace cap, to get rid of pollution and oils.

place the cap in the water and let it soak. Apply shampoo to the lace and gently rub with your fingertips while applying pressure to get rid of all the dirt.

Prepare to wash the hair after thoroughly rinsing the lace cap.

Pour water into a bowl, add more of your preferred shampoo and moisture to the water, and then bubble it up to wash your human wig.

Never blow dry your wig; instead, dry it naturally. Avoid applying conditioner to the hair’s core during conditioning.

Wearing and caring for a wig isn’t as challenging as you thought. Follow these instructions when washing human hair wigs to get the most use out of your wig. Keep it in mind, it’s just like your natural hair with more delicacy.

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