Keratin Fusion tips- I tips/U Tips/V tips

Patches are the worst nightmare. Half the hair and bits of baldness are equal to the worst feeling. We understand you. ThickLengths provide you with I, U, V, and Flat TIPS. These are glued to individual strands of your natural hair using this process to produce a genuinely accurate look. I, U, V, and Flat TIPS applications are one of the most costly and time-consuming techniques we have, but it's not an exaggeration to say it's totally worth it. A half head of merged hair can involve 20 sections, while a full head might involve 50 sections, depending on the type of hairstyle. Our I, U, V, and flat tips can be used again as we do it to perfection. This technique prevents hair slippage and holds the hair in place for extended periods of time. Additionally, this is a highly organic process that uses no adhesive, chemicals, or heat. The pre-bonded I, U, V, and flat TIPS are tiny hair segments with the ends of keratin glue solidified.

Human Virgin Fusion Straight Hair I-Tips are natural and beautiful texture, color. Thicklengths hair is procured from south Indian temples and hair is human virgin natural hair.
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