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Hair Care

Just like natural hair, bonded hair can be washed and styled (with gels and mousse), but caution should be exercised to prevent loosening of the bonds and potential loss of the extensions. It is ideal to condition both your natural hair and the extensions before wearing the clip-ins. While some people only wear clip-ins occasionally,  others use them daily.   We advise removing clip-ins before going to bed. Natural hair clip-ins are much easier to style than synthetic hair ones. You can buy a variety of clip-in textures, colors,and lengths (as extensions, bangs, or ponytails) for different occasions and have fun.



The basic step to maintain your hair is making sure it is tangle free.  Always check to make sure the hair is clear of knots before shampooing. You need to use a comb with a wide tooth and groom your hair slowly and smoothly. Combining it roughly leads to hair damage. Have some patience and deal with your combing session with utter care. Don’t comb or brush this hair when it is quite soaked, because that is when the strands are most sensitive. It can lead to permanent hair damage.



Depending on texture, perspiration, and environmental issues, shampooing should be done at least once a week. You need to use warm or cold water, but never hot water while washing your wig.  Additionally, it is recommended to use a moisturizing shampoo when washing extensions.

Only wash, condition, and rinse in a gentle way, moving from top to bottom, for best results and least pressure on the hair. Avoid any activity that creates excessive pressure. Never brush or clump the hair together. Use moisturizing shampoos, preferably herbal products, for the greatest results and even a lengthy lifespan of your extension. Washing once or twice is enough.


Deep Conditioning and Moisturizing

Many people take this step for-granted or are simply unaware of its necessity. You should not skip this step because your hair extensions also need nourishment just like your skin does.

If you change your hair color and/or if you use straighteners and curlers on it, you’ll need to use a deep conditioner around twice every four weeks to keep it in good condition. You should also massage your extensions with oil two to three times per week.

​Your ThickLengths hair extensions don’t get oils naturally as they aren’t rooted into your scalp, so you need to nourish them with oils often, so you prevent the dryness of the strands. it’s mostly in your hands to make your hair extensions last longer by following proper care for your hair.


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